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"It would be better if you begin to teach others only after you yourself have learned something."- Einstein

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Unboxing : Keon - Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone

13 May 2013, 17:38

A light and versatile, but also powerful developer preview device which has all the hardware features you need to start developing software for Firefox OS in a performance environment. Also a great companion for your daily tasks.

Web Designer Jakarta - Viking KARWUR

Firefox OS Simulator

26 November 2012, 18:09

Firefox OS Simulator is an prototype test environment for Firefox OS!

Web Designer Jakarta - Viking KARWUR


28 September 2012, 22:38

The Business Cards of the Future – NFC / Business Cards that link to your digital world

Web Designer Jakarta - Viking KARWUR

Kindle Fire HD

7 September 2012, 03:36

Kindle Fire HD is the world’s most-advanced 7” tablet, with a stunning HD display, plus the same exclusive Dolby audio, dual stereo speakers, the fastest Wi-Fi, and 16 GB of storage. Kindle Fire HD is just $199.

Web Designer Jakarta - Viking KARWUR

Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

27 August 2012, 23:33

The Evernote Smart Notebook is a paper notebook by Moleskine that’s designed to make it easy to jot down your thoughts on paper, then record, modify, and remember them forever with Evernote.

Web Designer Jakarta - Viking KARWUR

Spider-Man’s 50th Anniversary

27 August 2012, 23:01

Spider-Man made his first appearance in the August 1962 issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 — his popularity was instant, and less than a year later he was given his own series.

Web Designer Jakarta - Viking KARWUR

Turf Geography Club

16 August 2012, 13:49

Turf is an awesomely great free to play iPhone game that epitomizes the epic struggle between human and environment (formerly, man vs tree).



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