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Tegal a region in Central Java – Indonesia becomes a city for tea lovers since 1930. Drinking tea becomes a habit since Dutch colonized the country. The custom in drinking tea emerges because of the establishment of tea brewing factory in Tegal. Original tea from Tegal are known as Tegal tea, Selawi tea and Java tea.

Tunggal Naga Company was established in Tegal, Central Java in 1942. The idea was come from Sispramono – a Javanese man- whose hobby was collecting best tea leaves and combined with natural scent such as jasmine. Under 2Tang and Tjatoet, Tunggal Naga Company then established into a big company that focused to beverage and tea products.

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  • “It is not too much to admit that Mr. Karwur's expertise in Web & Graphic Design has been a seal of guarantee for those wishing to have a professional website or web presence strategy, as well as in the scope of a personal web portfolio and/or corporate entity - Viking Karwur's expertise would be an added value to the success of your web communication objectives.“

    Luigi Pralanggavia Email
  • “Viking Karwur is one of the best Indonesia's web designer! He has done a very good project of Stop Beri Uang campaign - an affiliated project of the United Nations Volunteer. I can say that He works exceedingly beyond what his clients may expect. On top of all, He is a man with great Character.”

    Charlie Hartonovia Email