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Take a surreal trip under the seas in the LEGO® version of the Yellow Submarine from the iconic 1968 animated musical fantasy film inspired by The Beatles. Ideal for display or role-play fun, the Yellow Submarine features loads of cool, authentic details including a cockpit for the included minifigures of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Brave is a new web browser, announced by the co-founder of the Mozilla Project, Brendan Eich. It aims to block website trackers and remove intrusive internet advertisements, and replaces them with ads sold by Eich’s company. The browser also strives to improve privacy by sharing less data with advertising customers, targeting web ads through anonymized analysis of their browsing history instead. Brave also intends to pay 15% of the ad revenue to the browser users, which they can in turn donate to bloggers and other providers of web content through micropayments.

Over the years, our name has changed to better reflect the variety of resources we offer. Today we realize that most people recognize who we are by the well-known devotional Our Daily Bread. So we changed our name to Our Daily Bread Ministries to more clearly communicate who we are.

As easy as saying hello —- Meet Firefox Hello, the easiest way to connect for free over video with anyone, anywhere.

Beberapa pekan terakhir adalah masa-masa paling sulit dalam hidup saya sejak mendirikan AirAsia 13 tahun yang lalu.

Chances are, this is your first time hiring a web designer. Even if it isnt, you may not understand the methods I use, or the processes I follow, or even some of the language I speak. You may not even fully understand what it is you actually want me to provide for you, further than a website.

Sepuluh tahun yang lalu, tahun 2004, Mozilla adalah sebuah organisasi non-profit yang sangat menarik perhatian saya.

About the bitLab – littleBits has one mission: to put the power of electronics in the hands of everyone. And now the bitLab is putting the power of making electronics in the hands of everyone. We believe the next billion dollar idea isn’t going to come from the big companies, it’s going to come from you.

The Polaroid Cube represents a fresh, unique approach to the action camera category, and is emblematic of everything the Polaroid brand represents, said Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid.

An airplane approaching Los Angeles International Airport flies past the Supermoon. Photo by ZUMA/REX

Our agency receives its share of RFPs, and sometimes these requests stipulate that our proposal include layouts. Even if the project looks promising, we just say no.

“I am pleased to announce that Chris Beard has been appointed CEO of Mozilla Corp. The Mozilla board has reviewed many internal and external candidates and no one we met was a better fit.” – Mitchell Baker

The cloudBit is the easiest way to create internet-connected devices. You can now snap the internet to anything!

Uber is a venture-funded startup and transportation network company based in San Francisco, California, that makes mobile apps that connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services.

Maker Party is Mozilla’s global campaign to teach the web. Through thousands of community-run events around the world, Maker Party unites educators, organizations and enthusiastic web users with hands-on learning and making.

Imagine that youre Christopher Columbus. You arrive in the New World and are so disappointed there are none of the oriental silks and spices you came looking for that you turn around and go home, missing all the wonders of the New World.

A light and versatile, but also powerful developer preview device which has all the hardware features you need to start developing software for Firefox OS in a performance environment. Also a great companion for your daily tasks.

The Business Cards of the Future NFC / Business Cards that link to your digital world

Kindle Fire HD is the world’s most-advanced 7” tablet, with a stunning HD display, plus the same exclusive Dolby audio, dual stereo speakers, the fastest Wi-Fi, and 16 GB of storage. Kindle Fire HD is just $199.

The Evernote Smart Notebook is a paper notebook by Moleskine that’s designed to make it easy to jot down your thoughts on paper, then record, modify, and remember them forever with Evernote.

Spider-Man made his first appearance in the August 1962 issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 — his popularity was instant, and less than a year later he was given his own series.

Turf is an awesomely great free to play iPhone game that epitomizes the epic struggle between human and environment (formerly, man vs tree).

Here is the animated short movie entiteld The LEGO Story which celebrates 80 Years with history of LEGOs. Watch in animation how The LEGO Group began in the workshop of the late great Ole Kirk Christiansen a carpenter from Billund, Denmark.

Getting screwed over sucks, whether it’s due to a miscommunication, an intentional slight, or just bad luck. That’s why we wanted to create a site to help prevent people from getting screwed.

Landing page untuk Peramban Web Mozilla Firefox dalam Bahasa Indonesia. “Kami Memang Berbeda : Bangga sebagai nirlaba / Berinovasi untuk Anda / Cepat, fleksibel, aman”

Proyek “The Wikipedia Redefined” dari creative agency New! Mencoba mendisain ulang situs populer Wikipedia. Dan ini keren!

Design is communication. – The way to inspire a designer is to give them the message and feeling you want to convey, and the freedom to convey it in a fresh, new way.

In celebration of the 2012 Geeks on a Plane Tour of Latin America where Silicon Valley geeks travel abroad to meet with and learn from fellow entrepreneurs and startups.

Polaroid instant digital camera line, the Z2300 features an integrated printer with ZINK Technology, enabling users to instantly capture, edit and in less than a minute print full color, 2×3 prints.

Content Management System favorit saya sudah di rilis versi beta terbarunya. Sekarang Textpattern sudah rilis 4.5.0 beta.

Bootstrap – Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

Saya memilih untuk “Realign” kali ini. Transisi ke Content Management System : Textpattern sudah beres. Responsive Web Design juga sudah.

“Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign” – Cameron Moll

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  • “Viking Karwur is one of the best Indonesia's web designer! He has done a very good project of Stop Beri Uang campaign - an affiliated project of the United Nations Volunteer. I can say that He works exceedingly beyond what his clients may expect. On top of all, He is a man with great Character.”

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